I post slides and posters from certain research presentations here. This is not an exhaustive list of the materials for presentations I give, but is a representative sample.

Geometric and Statistical Approaches to Shallow and Deep Clustering (Slides, Scientific Computing Seminar, Emory University; 2021)

Unsupervised Geometric Learning: Theory and Applications (Poster, Geometric Data Analysis Conference, University of Chicago; 2019)

Data Dependent Distances for Unsupervised Learning (Slides, AMS sectional special session on topological data analysis, statistics, and applications, Auburn University; 2019)

Diffusion Processes for Hyperspectral Data: Clustering and Active Learning (Poster, IMA Workshop on Recent Advances in Machine Learning and Computational Methods for Geoscience, University of Minnesota; 2018)

Unsupervised Geometric Learning: Theory and Applications (Slides, Mathematics Colloquium, Tufts University; 2017)

Nonlinear Hyperspectral Clustering, Anomaly Detection, and Active Learning (Slides, ATD-NSF Workshop on Anomaly and Threat Detection, American University; 2017)

Discrete Directional Gabor Systems for Image Processing (Slides, Symposium on Advanced Computational Methods in Biomedical Imaging, NIH; 2016)

Agile Multiscale Decomposition for Automatic Image Registration (Slides, SPIE Defense and Security Conference; 2016)

Single Image Superresolution with Directional Representations (Slides, Harmonic Analysis Seminar, Technical University of Denmark; 2016)

Anisotropic Harmonic Analysis and Integration of Remotely Sensed Data (Slides, PhD Final Defense, University of Maryland; 2015)